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  Indonesia Capital Market Student Studies (ICMSS), which supports education and training with a vision of becoming an international capital market learning center for students, is an annual event held by MSS FEBUI. Currently, the society in general shows lack of faith in the potential of Indonesia’s capital market even though it is instrumental in supporting the growth of Indonesian economy.

  To address this particular issue, ICMSS offers a solution of education through its international conference, seminar, and training as ICMSS strives to educate, generate, and stimulate young investor in invest in capital markets. Therefore I highly recommend the 16th ICMSS as an educative event that gives through comprehension about Indonesia’s capital market in order to encourage students, professionals, and the society in general to invest in the capital markets.

Prof. Ari Kuncoro, S.E., M.A., Ph.D
Dean of Faculty of Economics and Business
Universitas Indonesia


MARKET DEEPENING : The Centerpiece of Financial Market Reinforcement

  The global economy remains uncertain due to the UK 's decision to withdraw from the European Union and China’s economic slowdown. As a result, the years ahead would be more perplexing to face, potentially affecting economic growth in some countries. Therefore, the role of financial markets is inevitable in order not only to spur the country’s development but also to strengthen its economic stability.

  The financial markets possess complex systems through various forms of instruments and infrastructures. They function to provide a wider choice of investment. To fully obtain the potential economic growth, nations ought to conduct market deepening in which markets should be well developed in terms of liquidity and its access to society. However many nations, especially emerging countries, still lack of established systems which could interfere with their economic stability and advancement. This year’s theme is chosen to discover the fundamental knowledge on how market deepening can improve the financial market and sustain the envisaged market amidst uncertain global economic situation


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