International Conference


This conference is an international forum for students from ASEAN and other countries which discuss valuation of companies in each country and various capital market topics. The conference delegates consist of the best 24 teams based on their Investment Analysis Paper, who will be presenting their Investment Analysis Research in front of the judges.

The delegates will later be merged into several teams to solve actual problems presented in case studies during the international conference. Moreover, the delegates will gain valuable insights to improve their financial skills and knowledge through workshop and sharing session during the whole conference. Furthermore, the best 6 teams of the Investment Analysis Presentation will be competing again to determine the ultimate competition winner.

Conference Event

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Ice Breaking Activities

Date : February 19th, 2017

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Ice Breaking Activities

Description :

Where conference teams will be divided into groups and compete against each other in a friendly amazing race!

Opening Ceremony

Date / Time : February 19th 2017, 18.30 – 21.30

Opening Ceremony

Description :

All the delegates and the committee will attend a gala dinner where the President Director of The 16th ICMSS opens the event officially. Honored guests will also be invited to join this event. Following the dinner, there will be special performances to entertain our guests, also a brief introduction about The ICMSS to all the participating delegates.

Cultural Night

Date : February 22nd, 2017

Cultural Night

Description :

Cultural night marks the closing of ICMSS conference. This event aims to introduce Indonesian culture, especially to international delegates. To make this night even more memorable, we require all delegates and committee attending the cultural night to wear traditional clothing from their respective countries/regions. The event will be held from 4.00 pm until 9.00 pm. Activities including : Maximum of three cultural performances, Networking session, and traditional Indonesian cuisine dinner.

City Trip

Date: February 23rd-24th, 2017

City Trip

Description :

(the 2 days duration is based on the assumption that on both seminar days, there will be indonesian sessions which international delegates would not attend) The city trip is created to introduce Jakarta as a capital city of Indonesia to the international delegates. In advance, we will prepare a prearranged itinerary. The comitee will suggest them several places and restaurant to visit. But, we also offer the flexibility for international delegates to choose where they want to go (if international delegates already know about the places they want to visit).

Closing Ceremony

Date / Time : February 24th 2017, 18.30 – 22.00

Closing Ceremony

Description :

This event will be held to mark up the end of our conference and seminar. All delegates and the committee will enjoy their dinner and also be entertained with a number of performers. Following the dinner, the committee will announce the winners of the conference. And to close the event, a speech by the President Director of The 16th ICMSS will be given out to officially wrap up our conference and seminar.

International Conference Past Panelists

Wuddy Warsono

Comissioner at Sucorinvest

Dana Pamilih

Member of Board of Trustee CFA Indonesia

Triono Soedirdjo

Partner at PWC

Mark Bruny

Australia’s Northern Territory Government Representative to Indonesia, CFA Society of Indonesia, University Outreach

Reuben Cheng (National University of Singapore Business School)

1. Where are you currenty at in your career and life?

About to begin my final year at NUS Business School. Currently at a stage where I'm completing my internships and potentially thinking about my options when i graduate.

2. Why did you decide to participate in ICMSS?

Simply because I thought it was going to be fun - to have an opportunity to sell a Singapore Stock (well known brand SIA) in a regional setting. As well, the idea of getting overseas and experiencing new things was something we felt, would be fun. - and we were right, it was a very positive experience.

3. What did you gain from the experience?

Been to Jakarta for the first time in my life. Prior to then, heard some negative stuff about the city (pollution, overcrowding etc.), but was really pleasantly surprised. In fact, I do think about going back there to visit in the near future. Most of all, I've gotten to know you guys from UI and how you're all a cool and fun bunch!

4. Has ICMSS been able to help you achieve any of your goals/aspirations?

Yes, I suppose the experience helps in job hunts, interviews etc. where we can talk about this piece of experience to recruiters.

5. What was your biggest takeaway / favorite memory from the 15th ICMSS?

i guess it was looking at you guys having a hell load of fun and being a small part of it.

T. Jevon L. ( University of Gadjah Mada Yogyakarta )

1. What are you currently at in your career and life?

Currently, I'm enrolling as a sophomore of the International Undergraduate Program Faculty of Economics and Business UGM. During my Sophomore and Penultimate Years, I have the responsibility of being the President of the Student Audit Committee FEB UGM.

2. Why did you decide to participate in the ICMSS?

I want to know more about the Financial Market World Development especially from the perspective of the University Students. Thereby, after I have known about the ICMSS that is known as the biggest and oldest student organized financial market competition; I ask two of my great friends to join the ICMSS in order to gain more amazing experience and knowledge.

3. What did you gain from the experience in the ICMSS?

Lots of priceless things. The event is made great and convenient for the delegates that are coming from various places around the South East Asian Region, we got to go to the places that are very exclusive around the Capital City of the most populous Country in the region while gaining valuable knowledge from the distinguished speakers who have amazing background such as John Rachmad from Mandiri Sekuritas and also distinguished guest from the CFA, JP Morgan, Daewoo, Bahana, and many others.

4. Has ICMSS been able to help you achieve any of your goals or aspiration?

Kind of, I think. Through this event I have met new friends who are extremely amazing. I have the chance to meet the marvelous students who can open my horizon regarding to the financial market world and also the career path of the financial market professionals. I believe that I can feel lots more of the benefit of the ICMSS during my future endeavor due to the auspicious moment that I have experienced in achieving my future goals and aspiration.

5. What was your biggest takeaway/favorite memory from the 15th ICMSS?

Honestly, this is a hard question for me. I can say that every memory in ICMSS are all memorable and amazing, since the first day when we had in the office of Jakarta’s Governor until the last day of awarding night. However, if I have to choose my most favorite memory and takeaway from the ICMSS was during the awarding night. It was the night where my team was then awarded as the Most Ambitious Team, we really would like to thank the committee for giving us the award due to the fact that it is a very great award for us who haven’t made it to the Presentation Competition award. In conclusion, I should say that each day of ICMSS really is memorable for me. I do wish that the coming ICMSS can be better and give more value-added benefit to its stakeholder.


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