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How financial market plays its role.

Financing, being one of the most difficult matters to unravel, is often the reason behind the delays in infrastructure development. The shortage of funds is one of the current problems faced by the Government. Based on the National Medium‐Term Development Plan (RPJMN) 2015-2019, the central and local state budgets can only contribute 41 percent to the financing, while state-owned companies can contribute up to 22 percent. This implies that 37 percent of funds need to originate from the private sector. Therefore, it is the role of financial market to be the intermediary for funding national development over the coming years.

This year’s Grand Theme will mainly discuss about how financial market plays its role as the intermediary for investors and borrowers in seeking sources of funds for the infrastructure projects.

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Full-day Events with Awesome Speakers

19th February 2018

Top 24 Investment Analysis Presentation

Case Study Discussion

20th February 2017

Case Study Submission

Infrastructure Sector Valuation Workshop

Case Study Presentation

21st February 2018

Grand Final Investment Analysis Presentation

Capital Market Sharing Session

Cultural Trip

22nd February 2018

Market Outlook: Growth Strengthens Albeit Risk Intensifies

The Fundamental of Private Sector Funding for Infrastructure Development

Indonesia's Mega Project: Exploring into the Nation's Most Expansive Projects

23rd February 2018

Age of Cryptocurrency: The Massive Revolution in Financial System

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